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Complete Free Debt Assessment

Request a Call Back and one of our experienced advisors will contact you to complete a free non-obligatory debt assessment.

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Application for Debt Review

We notify all your credit providers and credit bureaus of your application by sending a Form 17.1 notification as soon as you consent to proceed with your application.


Restructure Payments

If you are over-indebted (when your expenses exceed your income), our offices and your Credit Providers will enter into a negotiation process and agree upon a payment plan.


Granted Court Order

An application is brought in the Magistrate’s Court (the credit providers may object if an agreement has not been reached). The process is made final by granting of a Debt Review Court Order locking the agreements in place between the Debt Counsellor and listed Credit Providers.


Clearance Certificate

Once all your debt is settled a Clearance Certificate will be issued and send Credit Bureaus to remove the debt review flag from your credit profile, giving you a fresh start.

Client Feedback

"I was able to pay all of my debts..."

I was financially struggling and not able to maintain myself because of debt. You helped me a lot! After being under debt review, I was able to pay for all of my debts and also buy groceries and clothes which I previously was not able to do.

I never met a kind person like you who is also professional in helping people. Thank you so much. I was able to start afresh on a clean slate after all my debts were paid up. Keep on helping others and may God bless and protect you with your beautiful family.

"Excellent Service!"

No words will describe what Sudette Du Plooy and her team did for me. I was in an indescribably difficult financial mess. I contacted her practice. They took over everything and immediately made work of it. She put in absolutely everything and can say today I am almost debt free. Excellent service and dedication were and are her policy.

"Effective results are guaranteed"

The clearance was provided within 48 hours after we made our final payment. With immediate effect, our names were restored in the financial world and the normal course of a debt-free individual was on track.

This lawyer is effective, her results are guaranteed, and my wife and I are living testimonies of this. Just one rule: You need to be 100% honest in your situation. Absolutely worth it to have made use of her.

"my problem was solved within 1 day"

My husband passed away unexpectedly and I could no longer meet my financial obligations. I was granted debt counseling by the court, but creditors kept calling me. I was about to lose my house due to claims of non-payments, although it was not the case. Out of desperation I went to Sudette du Plooy for help. Thanks to her attentiveness and ability, my problem was solved within 1 day. My sleepless nights were a thing of the past. I made my last payment 2 years ago, I am now debt free. I would highly recommend her to anyone who ever ends up in a situation where you desperately need help.

"Our firm has used their services on many occasions"

I have known Ms. Du Plooy for many years and she is currently one of the Debt Counsellors in Cape Town. Our firm has used her services on many occasions and I can highly recommend her. She has a vast knowledge of Law and Debt Counselling, and her good reputation as an attorney and Debt Counsellor proceeds her.

Mrs. Du Plooy has a good success rate with her Debt Counselling matters and go the extra mile to assist the consumers to arrive at the best possible outcome.

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