How it Works

The Debt Review Process

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Easy steps to get back to the basics

  1. You fill in the online Call-Back
  2. A DebtSane advisor calls you back and assists you to complete an application form. This will be used to assess and determine your premium.
  3. If you wish to proceed upon confirmation, your creditors are notified.
  4. Credit Providers supply information on all debts you owe.
  5. A new repayment plan is put together and sent to the creditors by your DebtSane assistant.
  6. Credit providers accept or make counter proposals.
  7. You start to pay a new reduced monthly amount, from the first month of application, via a Payment Distribution Agent (PDA).
  8. Court documents are drafted by our attorneys, which is based on the plan and resolution.
  9. You sign a confirmatory affidavit for the court.
  10. The court considers the plan and responses and makes a court order.
  11. You pay one amount every month as agreed by all parties, and you are legally protected.
  12. The PDA provides statements.
  13. The payments are distributed in terms of a cascade. As an account is paid up the funds are re-disbursed amongst remaining credit agreements.
  14. The time comes when you can leave debt review when all debt is settled or if you only have your bond left and there is no arrears.
  15. A clearance certificate is issued and credit bureaus are notified.
  16. You can begin to use credit again, if you want to.

Benefits of Debt Counselling:

No Blacklisting

You cannot get blacklisted while undergoing debt counselling with DebtSane, you are only flagged as being in the process.

Reduced Monthly Payments

We negotiate reduced monthly payments with your credit providers – and we even try to get those interest rates down!

Let Us Deal with Credit Providers

We deal with all credit providers and/or debt collectors on your behalf, and you deal with life.

Freedom on Payday

No more creditors calls

No more stress or sleepless nights

You can now buy basic needs

What DebtSane counsellors will do for you

Provide ongoing budgeting tips and advice

Create new Debt Repayment plan

Give you advice about Attorneys and Payment Distribution Agents

Points you to FAIS-compliant advisors (about insurance etc)

Assist in cancelling current debit orders with your assistance

Negotiate with your credit providers (so you don’t have to)

Load your new repayment plan onto the PDA system

Helps draft your court papers (and even goes to court if needed)

Monitor and adjust your plan as per the court order

Sends copies of the court order to your credit providers

Ask credit providers to adjust and correct balances

Give ongoing advice about budgeting and financial emergencies

Periodically reviews your budget and plan to see if it can speed up the process

Issue you with a clearance certificate when you have paid up all your debts